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Dottery Butler-Washington

Why I am Running For School Board

 I am running for the Charles County Board of Education because I believe that a thriving community is closely linked to the success of our public education system.  Focusing on our “Students First” and the resources and policies that promote and enforce a safe environment is crucial to the future success of our public education system. Charles County students, teachers, and parents deserve a School Board that has a vision for growth, creates structures to support that vision and is accountable to the public. We can achieve this by advocating for the success of our students at every opportunity.      

I have served and advocated for the educational needs of students for the past 22 years as a public servant, parent, and as a supporting member of the local business community. I have my Masters in Technology Management and BS in Computer Information Systems.  I am a military veteran and military spouse.  I am also the mother of two sons and grandmother of three amazing grandchildren.  I have devoted 28 years to the Federal Government where I secured my expertise in Technology Management, Contract Negotiations, and Budgeting. Additionally, I have successfully opened and operated my own small business and nonprofit organization here in Charles County, so I am fully invested in the well-being of this community.     

Given the opportunity to continue to serve the Charles County Community as a Board of Education Member, I commit to ensuring that our student’s needs are placed first without compromising the needs of teachers, staff, and parents in our community.  I will present ideas to ensure that we are assessing and managing our budget and held accountable for being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. During my tenure, I want to be known as the Board Member who advocates for building bridges with all segments of our community by being proactive and innovative.

Dottery's Plan to Put Student First

  1. Provide our Educators resources they need to ensure our Children's success.
  2. Promote Community Outreach and improve School Safety.
  3. Enrich learning environment and enhance key academics areas.
  4. Offer real solutions to reduce class sizes throughout the Charles County System.

Elect Dottery Butler-Washington

  1. Your Choice for a New Direction in Eduction 2018.
  2. Charles County Primary 
  3. EARLY VOTING June 14-21, 2018
  4. Election Day June 26, 2018
  5. Charles County General Election
  6. EARLY VOTING Oct 25-Nov 1, 2018
  7. General Election November 6, 2018

My Campaign Team

Treasurer: Bridget Perras classyb4u@gmail.com

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